The Best Storage Stratgies

  • 3 Factors To Consider Before Your Storage Shipping Container Is Delivered

    29 July 2019

    Whether you choose to rent or purchase a shipping container, it is an ideal vessel to use for storage when you wish to keep your belongings on your property rather than putting them into a storage facility. However, before the shipping container is delivered to your residence, there are several preparatory steps you need to take. As someone who is considering renting a shipping container for storage, these are the factors you should consider before you sign the rental contract.

  • How to Prepare for House Removals

    28 April 2019

    Preparing for house removals is a daunting task since there is so much to do in very little time. The extract below outlines the various activities you should consider when preparing for house removals. Sort out your things.  Your house may contain items that you do not intend to move with. Dispose of old furniture, clothing and broken electronics at an appropriate landfill. Hold a garage sale to sell items that are in good condition to your neighbours.