The Best Storage Stratgies

Two tips that first-time self-storage customers should remember when visiting their unit

by Elaine Johnson

If you have put a few of your things into a self-storage unit for the first time, you should bear the following tips in mind when you go to remove or store your things in this storage spot.

Always bring your phone with you when you go into the unit

Even on occasions when you only plan to pop into your storage unit for a few minutes, you should bring your phone with you. There are several reasons why this device could come in handy whilst you're in this storage space. Firstly, if your unit contains tall and unsteady piece of furniture or if your boxes are stacked into piles that reach all the way up to the ceiling of the unit, then there is a chance that the furniture or boxes could fall on you and leave you trapped if you bump into them whilst searching for a particular item.

If you had your phone on you in these circumstances, you could call the front desk of the storage facility and ask them to come and rescue you. It's especially important to keep your phone on you if you plan to visit your unit late at night when there might not be any other customers in the adjacent units who could hear your cry for help and come to your aid, as not having access to your phone in this situation could result in you being trapped and injured in the unit for hours.

Secondly, you can also use your phone as a second source of light; this is important, as whilst most storage units have overhead lights, these may not illuminate the darker corners of the unit or the bottom of any deep boxes you keep in this space. Having this extra light source could enable you to locate the items you're looking for much more quickly.

Don't leave items lying around the corridor outside your unit

If your unit is almost at full capacity, it might be tempting to pull out any boxes that are in your way when you're searching for certain items and leave these boxes stacked on the floor outside your unit. Whilst this might make the process of locating the thing you're looking for a bit easier, you should still try to not to do it.

The reasons for this are as follows; any large boxes or other goods that you leave lying in the corridor could stop other customers from moving their items past your unit and accessing their own storage spaces. There is also a chance that they could stumble whilst attempting to climb over your items, in which case, not only could they end up hurt, but your items could also be crushed and broken if these people land directly on top of these things.