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Reasons Why Climate-Controlled Units Are Worth Every Penny

by Elaine Johnson

When in search of a self-storage unit, whether for long-term or short-term use, it is likely that the main parameters you are basing your selection on are the size of storage units available to you and the price attached to them. These factors are crucial in making sure that you find a storage unit compatible with your needs, but they should not be the sole decision makers for you. Another critical consideration to have is how well your items will be protected while they are in storage. Therefore, you should also deliberate on renting a climate-controlled unit. Some people may shy away from climate-controlled units due to sticker shock, but there is a reason why they are premium priced. Here are just a few of the reasons why climate-controlled units are worth every penny.

Climate-controlled units guarantee no temperature fluctuations

Australian weather patterns may be considered favourable for most times of the year, but any resident can attest to the fact that the climatic changes can also be quite severe. Whether it is in the middle of summer or the dead of winter, temperatures can rise or drop drastically enough to cause irreparable damage to belongings that are not adequately protected. For instance, erratic temperature changes can cause electronics, antique pieces and other fragile items to degrade to the point that they are non-functional. Climate control is a feature designed to ensure that there is a constant temperature in the unit, no matter the elemental changes outdoors. Thus, this type of storage unit will be critical if you want to find your valuables intact when you remove them from storage.

Climate-controlled units guarantee quality indoor air

Another reason why climate-controlled units are worthwhile is that they ensure your valuables are not exposed to poor air quality. You may put your goods in storage to protect them from moisture and humidity, but if the air in the room is not adequately circulated, it is only a matter of time before dust particles start to accumulate on your belongings. When the dust makes its way into electrical appliances and gadgets, it can cause them to malfunction. Moreover, when dust collects on fabrics and upholstery, they are at a higher risk of staining. A key feature of climate-controlled units is that the air is circulated on a regular basis through filters to eliminate any floating particulate matter. Therefore, not only will you find your belongings intact, but they will also not be dirty!