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3 Factors That Can Increase Your Overall Moving Bill

by Elaine Johnson

Is your moving bill higher than what you expected? Some people complain that the invoice received is significantly higher than the quote they had initially received. Below are factors that can lead to an increase in your overall moving bill.

When the items to be moved are more than what is listed

If you have a lot of items in your house, you should state so when seeking moving services. Do not assume that just because you live in a small apartment, your bill will be low. This is because you can have many items in your house and more that are stored in the garage. The moving company can, therefore, dispatch a small truck, only to realize that everything cannot fit into the truck. The company will then have to send a bigger truck. Such changes will lead to an increase in the overall expenses since the size of the trucks used affects the total moving costs. Additionally, if you have items to be picked at multiple storage locations, you should inform the moving company earlier so that the necessary arrangements can be made to have them picked.

Providing inaccurate delivery details

When you are not familiar with a new location, you are likely to give wrong details. This mainly arises when you are moving from one state to another. In case this happens, the quote issued by the company will be based on the initial location given. However, when the movers arrive at the location and the mistake is noted, you will have to give new directions. The movers will gladly follow the new directions to the destination, but you should expect a higher moving bill. This problem can be sorted by being open with the moving company from the start. They will then take time to get the right directions before starting the journey. As such, when they get lost, you will not be to blame and the final invoice will remain the same.

When valuables are being transported

A different approach is used by moving companies when they are handling valuables. Some of these changes include hiring security personnel to guard the valuables and using armored vehicles during transportation. These extra measures will ensure the safety of your valuables but will result in a higher invoice when they are done. 

To ensure you get an accurate quote, always make an honest declaration about the size of your items and the distance to be covered when you are seeking the services of interstate removalists.